Black is Back Silicone Spray (12oz)

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Black is Back Silicone Spray works instantly to restore old and damaged vinyl and plastic and bring it back to life. No wiping required. Non greasy formula. Aerosol mist penetrates deep into textured surfaces, vents and hard to reach places. Perfect to use on plastic, vinyl, rubber, dashboards, exterior trim, door seals, window seals, bumpers, wheel covers as well as engine compartments. Watermelon scent Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Clean and dry surface from any dirt, dust, oil, and grease. Hold can 10″ to 12″ from surface. Use a stroking motion. Apply two or more coats. Use spray at 70F to 80F for best results.

  • Black is Back Silicone Spray is a fast drying non greasy formula sprays clear, non-foaming coating which provides water resistant gloss and shine. Brightens any vinyl and plastic surfaces, vents and engine compartments.
  • No wiping necessary. Fine aerosol mist pernitrates deep into textured surfaces and hard to reach places.
  • Instantly shines plastic, rubber, vinyl, paint interior and exterior surfaces, air conditioning vents and inside engine compartments.
  • Increases the life of rubber surfaces and tires. Ideal for dashboards, exterior trim, window trim, door seals, wheel covers, bumpers, bumper trim and vents.
  • Watermelon Scent

1 review for Black is Back Silicone Spray (12oz)

  1. Jeffrey

    Great product! Non-greasy and brought all my faded plastic back to life! I highly recommend!!

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